Why Flowers are a Perfect Birthday Gift

People have been giving flowers to each other since before history began. Even the earliest humans could recognize the beauty inherent in flowers. Millions of years later, that still hasn’t changed. Flowers remain a great birthday gift for anyone from a friend to a relative or a romantic partner. In this article, you’ll learn exactly why flowers are the perfect gift for that special someone’s special day.


They Can Be Romantic

While flowers don’t necessarily have to be a romantic gift, there are few things quite as romantic as giving someone a lovely bouquet of flowers. The smell of the flowers mixed with the beauty of the petals is sure to show the recipient that you care about them and that you’ve been thinking about them, which brings us to the next point.

Flowers Take Thought

Giving flowers is like giving jewelry, the person giving it clearly had to have put some thought into what they were getting. By taking the time to choose flowers for someone on your birthday, you show that you care about that person. This point is especially true if you have remembered the birthday boy or girl’s favorite flower and gotten them a bouquet of that type of flower.


They Represent Life’s Joy and the Passing of Time

Of course, flowers don’t last forever, which some might see as a negative thing about them. On the contrary though, this fact helps to represent the joy in life that is sometimes fleeting and furthermore represents the passage of time. The flowers will slowly fade just as the recipient’s birthday fades into the past, so the flowers must be cherished in the moment, before they are gone.

Flowers are Beautiful

Quite simply, flowers are a beautiful gift. Just look at these beautiful birthday flowers NYC from a florist in NYC. Even in nature, flowers are a wonderful sign of the beauty inherent in nature. Anyone who has seen wildflowers blooming on a mountainside can attest to this fact. When the flowers have been carefully arranged by an expert florist, they become even more beautiful. Giving someone a beautiful gift on their birthday gives them something to cherish and admire for a time, more than just giving them some material object would.

Flowers Compliment Other Gifts

Finally, flowers can be the perfect gift to complement something else. For instance, how better to make a birthday card special than to give a person the card alongside some beautifully arranged flowers? This will show that you truly care about them and it will augment the sentiments expressed in your card. By giving flowers along with another gift, you are showing that you can go above and beyond for this person on the day of their birth.


Flowers are a wonderful gift to celebrate the birth of someone special. Whether they are a romantic partner, a relative, or a special friend, giving a person the gift of beautiful flowers will show them that you care about them, without a doubt. You can also find out more by visiting this Google+ page and this Yelp listing.

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