What you need to know about wedding planning

weddingA date is set and your big day is on its way! When we decided to tie the knot, we didn’t use a wedding planner, but my oh my, how we wish we did in the end.

Here’s why we didn’t; We wanted to do all the research ourselves. Thinking that this was to be our day, we made the classic mistake of pouring our souls into all the vendor selections and necessary preparations ourselves. We thought it would save us on budget and avoid a ‘cookie cutter’ wedding that we would not feel was authentic to us.



Here’s why we wish we had; Putting together a wedding is not the fun, easy task you may imagine it to be. Between the vendor research, reviewing contracts and engagement letters with them and carrying out payments timeously is a real pain in the neck. With a wedding planner we could have halved the time we spent on the preparations. Wedding planning is a profession after all, and the planners have dedicated vendors they work with that provide relationship discount on their services to them, saving you a bunch of money, but more importantly, a bunch of time. A good planner should deliver you options for you to make an informed decision on and then execute them effectively so they are carried through on the day. Wedding planning is incredibly stressful and perhaps not quite the romanticised experiment is laid out to be in the movies. There are so many fine details that need to be taken care of, so many things that may be forgotten to the wayside, tears, bawling and sleepless nights come to mind when I think back. This in itself is more than enough reason to get a professional to handle it for you.

In case you aren’t convinced yet, then there’s the fact that things can go wrong at the last minute. The band doesn’t show up, or the caterer didn’t get the right head count? Now what? The last thing you need on the big day is to sort out the minor details. In our case, the bar ran out of stock before 11pm. While we managed to scramble a case of wine from the landlord, it kind of put a damper on the whole end of the evening. Lack of preparation isn’t your fault, you’re not a professional, so it’s to be expected. But looking back, having someone on hand to deal with these emergency’s, or in our case, make sure they don’t happen in the first place, is a product that you can’t put a price on. Peace of mind is worth so much more than scrimping a few bucks on a wedding planner.



Without a wedding planner to do your wedding planner you have to create your own team, which usually ends up being friends and family members. What a way to ruin a wedding. While your friends and family will be keen to lend a hand, they are going to be over concerned about details on your big day and they probably will worry themselves into not enjoying the moment. Think about it, this is supposed to be a day for friends and family to celebrate you, not serve you. Wedding planning by a professional eliminates that and frees you all to just simply enjoy the day stress free.

So at the end of the day, may we suggest that you and your partner sit down and take some time to really go through the need for wedding planning to be handled by a professional. So start it right, make an appointment with a recommended planner with an established track record in your community or better still, a referral from a friend that may have recently gotten married and employed the services of a good planner. See what they can offer you and go through the options they present to reduce your involvement and free your time to concentrate on the important stuff. Most importantly, ask questions! Then when making your final decision take into account the costs, the time, the stress and your family and friends that correct wedding planning by a professional can save you. This day is supposed to be about you, not you be about it. In hindsight, we should have hired a wedding planner, but we went by the DIY method, instead of outsourcing, had we to do it again, the planner would be a no brainer.



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