Secrets to a Successful Stress-Free Wedding

stressThe last person that should be stressed out at the wedding, worrying if this is going to go right, or if that is going to go wrong, is the bride. A great tip is before the day of the wedding, have relatives or friends that are not in the wedding party assigned to different jobs. It may sound crazy, but by assigning five people to be overseers of different events or parts of the wedding, things will go much smoother, and all of events are broke down, so everyone can enjoy the day.

The first person will oversee the flowers, the guest book and things that are in that general area. A second and third person will be with the bride and bridesmaids for a few extra hands. The fourth will make sure guests know where they are going and assist the ushers, and the fifth person will be an errand runner between all five.

At the reception hall, there should be a team also. It is not a bad idea to have five other people, so the first team can now relax and enjoy the events. One will oversee the seating and assist with the guest tables and help guest find the restrooms. Assign a person or two to assist with the food table, making sure everything is at hands length. Make sure someone is in touch with the dj, has a list of wedding party, and has all the evening information arranged, and lastly, the errand runner. All of the five are to keep an eye on the card box; unfortunately, they have been stolen during receptions before.