Join Wedding Dance Courses At To Shine At Wedding Parties

weddingdanceWeddings are special occasions conducted with great fanfare and gaiety and lots of preparations and money goes into the event to make it successful. This is also an auspicious occasion where two people will bind in nuptial and become one forever. Wedding dances are part of these joyous events and the wedding couple and the guests perform traditional and non-traditional dances to express their happiness. The traditional wedding dances are… Continue reading

Better Way To Send Wedding Gifts

weddingThe modern generation is ahead of its time. It looks as if 21st century people are living the way of life like 22nd century individuals. The conclusion can be evolved by observing the standard of living of a common man all over the world. The drastic changes can be seen that has altered the traditions in sophisticated ways. For instance, tradition to gift a precious valuable on a… Continue reading

Photo Booth Hire- Creating the perfect memories.

photoPhoto booth hire  is a great way to liven up a party or event be it corporate or private such a wedding, hiring a photo booth adds so much fun to the day. IT adds a great talking point to the day and guests involved with each other, it’s a fantastic ice breaker. Photo booths come in many shapes and forms ranging from a 1 seater booth to expandable… Continue reading

Celebrate in Style with Wedding Bubbles!

wedding_bubblesIf you’re looking for something to make your special day even more memorable and you want to add an element of fun – albeit a classy one – why not consider wedding bubbles?

With many venues now no longer allowing traditional confetti, both due to the mess and the fact that a lot of confetti is not particularly eco-friendly, bubbles for weddings make a great substitute. Just think of them… Continue reading

Major Changes In Modern Video Production Process

segvideoThe process of video production has gone through vast change in past few decades. The advent of advanced IT technology has made a major contribution to capturing, editing and modification and transcribing process of film making. The availability of high definition videos in such a small size of DVD is the evidence of visible changes that has taken place during past few years. Interestingly, the process still involves basic principles… Continue reading