Collecting good memories from your special day

So the big day is just around the corner; it’s the day you’ve been waiting for most of your life, don’t stress we know there is a lot to plan such as the caterers, the entertainment, seating, bridesmaids and so the list goes on. Hopefully by now you’ve enlisted the help of your bridesmaids and you’re well on your way to the perfect wedding day.


They will be able to… Continue reading



mark1Weddings are a special part of life, so it is important to capture every moment. Mark Winder Photography, based in the Bahamas, brings these moments to life in his wedding pictures.


Photographer Mark Winder has taken photos at destination weddings in the Bahamas; Daytona Beach, Fla.; Miami, Fla., San Francisco, Calif.; and Sarasota, Fla. just to name a few. Examples of his destination wedding photos can be found… Continue reading

How to live stream your wedding

It’s your time to shine! Yes, it’s that moment you’ve been dreaming of all of your life, you’ve met the love of your life, you’ve made plans for your future and now of course it’s time to get married! First of all, if you’re stressed about the planning, then just take a deep breath and relax, there are so many sources online which can help you plan the perfect wedding.… Continue reading

Choosing a great wedding venue

oaksWe all know how much fun wedding planning can be and of course we all know how stressful it can be at the best of times; remember to relax though and keep in mind it’s your important day and all of your friends and family are around to ensure you have the best day possible. So let’s assume you have everything under control and booked the entertainment, catering but now… Continue reading

Engagement rings

engagementringsFinding the perfect engagement ring is a labor of love. Get some professional assistance with selecting the right carat, clarity, color, and cut, to form an individual bespoke arrangement for your partner. It should be something that suits their personality and style, as well as a statement of your love and passion.

Creating symbols of sparkling wonderment, that capture your feeling of commitment, is something only achieved by master diamond… Continue reading