Major Changes In Modern Video Production Process

segvideoThe process of video production has gone through vast change in past few decades. The advent of advanced IT technology has made a major contribution to capturing, editing and modification and transcribing process of film making. The availability of high definition videos in such a small size of DVD is the evidence of visible changes that has taken place during past few years. Interestingly, the process still involves basic principles of pre and post production.


The preproduction process involves various specifications which needs to get ready before the actually production process initiate. Scripting, storyboarding, action scripting, task distribution and scene boarding are all part of pre production process. The only change that can be seen is in the tools involved in work.


During the post production, tasks like editing, frame cleaning, visual effects, sound integration takes place. The major difference in the style of work is visible in this section. The task which was earlier executed in the chromatic labs are now been done in air conditioned computer labs with number of professionals artists working on their workstations.


Thanks to these changes which have changed definition of entertainment to a vast extent. This is advancement in technology that has provided us with such a finest quality videos that too in very short span of time.