Fresh Cut Flowers Delivery Straight to Your Home

flowerThere is nothing in the entire world can represent the great feeling of love and care, on special day or occasion, to your friends or relatives that contain a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It can be associated with the mood of the presenter, wishes, and feelings in general. Very often this is the only way to congratulate someone while you are too far away and a wonderful bouquet of flowers can bring all you loving from a remote destination and location in a different part of the globe and flower delivery can be a very pleasant and enjoyable.

I have never expected that this is going to be the case with me as I was enrolled on a degree course in International business studies when an opportunity to travel abroad for one semester suddenly occurred. I was so happy and excited in anticipation of the trip that could not wait to depart. The final point of the destination was London in the United Kingdom, where I was going to spend thirteen weeks as a part of my degree course. It was truly a great time when I had an opportunity to meet a lot of people from all over the world and familiarize myself with a different approach to education.

As the semester in English capital was going on, my beloved mother birthday was also fast approaching. I have never missed an opportunity to congratulate her but at that time it was a totally different situation. I was very close to my home and could have congratulated her in person, however this time I was staying over Atlantic and the only way to express my love and care to her was to opt for flower delivery for my mom.


Indeed I had to face all the typical attribution that a student can face in such circumstances. One of the most important aspects of ordering flowers was to find the right florist that was going to be capable of doing the job but also competitively price the services. Luckily, I had plenty of time to prepare for the coming birthday and choose the right store to accomplish the business. In addition, it was my intention to go for the same day delivery, as I thought that it was the only one was to guaranty that my gift was going to be fresh and presentable. Therefore, I had to first choose the florist that could organize the same day delivery and base its activities locally to my parent’s address.

I started the search a few days before the event. The searching engine has given me plenty of different options to choose from in order to send flowers to my mother. I carefully read through each firm’s policy to find the ones that complied with my wishes and requirements of how the flower shop should be. After careful consideration of each option and revision, the florist eventually was chosen. The website was virtually perfect and simple in using it. The company based its business almost nearby; hence I did not expect the price of the delivery run sky-high and finally, the specter of products on offer was really great and it took me some additional by very enjoyable time to choose the bouquet.


After choosing the flower shop I started carefully select the right present for my mom. I was perfectly aware that she adores white and pink combination very much, so it played a major part in the choice I was about to make. I finally fell in love with a bouquet that was made of pink roses and white alstroemeria. The composition was so graceful and features a pink fluted vase with a decorative ribbon on it. I immediately opted for an opportunity to enlarge the size of my gift and went for the large option by paying some extra money. I also did not intend to add anything to my present as I simply thought that it was not appropriate. Of course, there could have been a box of chocolate or latex balloons added to my gift but I really thought that it just unnecessary for that particular event and circumstance of my age and where I was. I enclosed a small birthday card with a wonderful message that I have found on the internet. I have added the chosen items to my shopping cart and waited for the next day to make the payment. Even though I was ready to order flowers straight away, I decided to wait just in case if I would have made up my mind and was going to add something else.


Next day there was nothing that would have affected my final decision, so I simply entered the details of my debit card and the payments swiftly went through. According to the notification over email, the flowers were to be received later on that day, which was confirmed by my mother when I talked to her on Skype. She did not expect me to act in such way and receiving flowers came as a total surprise for her.

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