Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Figure

dress1The wedding is one of the biggest days of a woman’s life.  It is the bride’s time to shine and she is the center of attention for much of the day.  This is why finding the absolute perfect wedding gown is very important.  Numerous other brides will attest to this.

Finding the perfect wedding dress has something to do with finding ones that fit your figure.  When the wedding gown suits your figure, you will look great and feel great.  Don’t’ worry too much about this as you’ll surely find a gown you like that flatters your figure as well.  Here are some wedding dress-figure guidelines.

A-Line (Princess Line) Dresses – Whatever figure you have, be sure to try on some A-line numbers because this silhouette is universally flattering to anyone.  It hugs the waist, creating a slimmer waistline, and effectively camouflages wider hips.

Ballerina Dresses – These wedding dresses are the most princess of the lot so if you plan to go big, then the ballerina silhouette is for you.  A ballerina dress is perfect for women with slim hips and fuller busts as the full skirt will balance your figure out.  Avoid if you are petite as you are likely to disappear underneath it all, and also if not very full busted as it tends to make your bust look smaller.

Column Dresses – Long and sleek, column wedding dresses are perfect for tall willowy women, and also on petite ones.  Avoid if you have fuller hips as they will highly emphasize them.

Empire Dresses – This silhouette makes brides look taller and is great for women with broad waists and small busts.  An empire wedding gown is also great for petite girls will also look taller.  Women with larger busts should avoid this silhouette as it tends to make it appear bigger; and tall women will look even taller with this on.

Mermaid Dress—This dress hugs the figure, quite tightly fitted to the body, and flares out from mid thigh or knee, perfect for curvy girls with balanced hip and bust measurements (hourglass!).  When choosing a mermaid dress, be sure to practice sitting with it on.  And while it looks good on curvy girls, they should have balanced measurements.  Pear and apple-shaped women should avoid it, and so does boyish-figured girls.

I hope this guide takes out a lot of the strain of picking out the perfect wedding dress.  And I have to remind you, this is not a hard and fast rule.  You have to try out any gown you like to see if it does look on you.  That’s the only way to see what looks good and what doesn’t.  Happy hunting!