Celebrate in Style with Wedding Bubbles!

wedding_bubblesIf you’re looking for something to make your special day even more memorable and you want to add an element of fun – albeit a classy one – why not consider wedding bubbles?

With many venues now no longer allowing traditional confetti, both due to the mess and the fact that a lot of confetti is not particularly eco-friendly, bubbles for weddings make a great substitute. Just think of them as your clean, green alternative!

In fact there is a veritable cornucopia of reasons why wedding bubbles will help make your day one to remember. And just in case you’re wondering, we’re not talking about the cheap and cheerful multi-colored plastic bubbles found in toy stores, oh no, we’re talking about elegant tubes and wands that will add a chic touch to your day.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways bubbles will enhance your wedding day:

v  They will not only look fabulous as table centerpieces when arranged in a glass bowl, but will also make great take home favors for your guests

v  They will take your wedding photos to the next level; the bubbles will look beautiful when they catch the sunlight in pictures and your guests will also be photographed laughing and looking natural rather than in stiff, formal poses

v  They are a perfect choice if you’ve found the wedding venue of your dreams but they don’t allow confetti to be thrown

v  They will keep the little ones amused and encourage them to make friends rather than sitting and squirming – or heaven forbid – playing on their games console or iPad all the way through the dinner or reception

One thing to bear in mind when choosing your wedding bubbles is to go for a sleek tube; this way even the guys won’t mind picking up a wand as they’ll be able to slip it in their suit breast pockets without feeling silly. A slimmer tube will also fit perfectly in all the dinky clutch purses carried by the ladies.

Finally, here are a few more bubblicious ideas for your nuptials:

v  Give a wand to all of your guests who attend your ceremony and have them blow bubbles in the group photos taken directly after you’ve left the church or venue

v  Or to really add a fun touch why not have your guests blow bubbles over you as you walk back up the aisle after you’ve said your vows?

v  Buy simple bubble wands and personalize them to match your color scheme or theme. You could tie a ribbon around the neck of each tube, attach a tiny charm, or even a small luggage type tag with a hand written message

Have you been to a wedding where bubbles were used in a fun and imaginative way? Why not share your thoughts in the comments box below?

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