4 Major Communication Mistakes.

When couples disagree, the way they communicate can determine the outcome. That is, whether the issues will be resolved or not. The communication methods can lead to feelings of disconnection or even a marriage breakdown. Communication can be improved by avoiding below mistakes;

  1. Using Extreme Statements.

Extreme statements don’t enhance communication and don’t take care of issues. They will just serve to expand your partner’s protectiveness and hatred towards you.… Continue reading

Wedding bouquet florist in Singapore

flowerThis is really interesting to usually point out distinct manner which various brides and the mothers show for the florist while they initially come in for the consultation. There are various kinds of combinations of wedding bouquet florist in Singapore from the single to the flower to teardrop bouquets which may also accommodate all kind of the budgets.

It is really the most unrealistic to usually walk into the… Continue reading

Funny bridesmaid shirts

tshirtsMaking a plan of a wedding can similarly be worrying to each and every role player of the marriage. From the beginning of preparing and planning up to the real day of the marriage, there are some who are in command of confirming that the whole thing goes as per to the decided plan. If talking about bridesmaids then these are among these essential people at the back success of… Continue reading