Nick Krause Weddings

Wedding1Are you planning the entertainment for your big day? Then let Nick Krause Weddings and our spectacular DJ service give your wedding reception that extra party edge to help you create memories that last a lifetime!

Our DJ’s have the experience and the musical talent to bring the right style of music to the venue at the right time. From romantic pop classics for that first dance, or soundbites between… Continue reading

Engagement rings

engagementringsFinding the perfect engagement ring is a labor of love. Get some professional assistance with selecting the right carat, clarity, color, and cut, to form an individual bespoke arrangement for your partner. It should be something that suits their personality and style, as well as a statement of your love and passion.

Creating symbols of sparkling wonderment, that capture your feeling of commitment, is something only achieved by master diamond… Continue reading

Wedding photography basics

JulyAre you looking for a wedding photographer that has the professional expertise you need to handle your wedding shoot? There are so many critical elements that go into a successful shoot. The use of the right lighting and angles to create dramatic effect is what hiring a professional is all about.

Do you want to remember your wedding day will a beautiful set of all the most intimate moments of… Continue reading

Instrumental live band for wedding

musicalAre you looking for the best instrumental live band for wedding receptions? Having the right entertainment for your big day could mean the difference between a reception that everyone enjoyed, or a reception that no-one remembers. Hiring a live instrumental band will keep your guests entertained with beautiful music that inspires and entertains.

Our musicians are dedicated, experienced professionals that value every opportunity they get to step on stage and… Continue reading

Bespoke wedding dresses

weddingAre you searching for the perfect wedding dress for your big day? Do you want your dress to be unique and express your individuality? When ordering bespoke wedding dresses it’s important to work with a designer that is qualified with years of design creation experience.

Bridal dresses from Hermione de Paula are bespoke pieces that offer a variety of colours and styles available for you to choose from. High-quality fabrics… Continue reading