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Cheap Wedding Equals Longer Marriage?

wedding11 300x124 Cheap Wedding Equals Longer Marriage?Is your fairy tale wedding hurting the future prospects of your marriage? A recent paper by two economists at Emory University has researched that exact question, by comparing the features of a couple’s wedding to the average duration of their marriage. Their paper, titled “‘A Diamond is Forever’ and Other Fairy Tales: The Relationship between Wedding Expenses and Marriage Duration” evaluated the associated between wedding spending and marriage… Continue reading

wedding band Birmingham

wedding2 wedding band BirminghamIt’s your wedding and so you want everything to be in the perfect manner. You are ready to make all the best arrangements starting from a needle to entire important things for wedding. Now while you choose for the wedding band Birminghamthere are many things that come in your mind. It is the situation where many couples usually face as the part of wedding planning. The time when you… Continue reading

Vancouver wedding video

wedding1 Vancouver wedding videoCertainly there is just nothing important and special than your wedding. It is the day when not only the groom and the bride wish to store the memories of the entire day with them, but also the family members plan to do it. It is important to understand that wedding is important for family of groom and bride. Since this day is special and so it needs the most special… Continue reading

Phuket Wedding DJ

Phuket Wedding DJ Phuket Wedding DJThere are many people who wish to get wedded in Thailand have fun their weddings along the beloved sands of Phuket, greatest holiday resort island of Thailand and a best destination of vacation for visitors the whole world. Phuket has the entire components for a best marriage, with its wonderful beaches offering a backdrop for a variety of great entertainment and leisure delights. Suitably situated by the Andaman Sea’s shores,… Continue reading

Destination weddings

Destination weddings1 Destination weddingsA pinch of romance, a pinch of elegant and wonderful arrangements and also best and top most locations are considered to be the perfect ingredients that are required the perfect Destination weddings all around the world. Many of us try to find perfect destination for wedding that meets our dreams and also our wedding plans, however simply just don’t understand that how to move about it. Searching the… Continue reading