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Find the best make-up artist in London

makeupPermanent makeup is the older kind of technology which has yet continued to get stick around. The Permanent Makeup London classes teach that tattoo to put the ink on your face that appears as if makeup is done. While few people also seem to do the permanent makeup as the technology for people who are very lazy, those who take the permanent classes for makeup are not believing… Continue reading

Wedding Planning “Things To Consider” Tips

bruceWhether you’re a year or just months away from your wedding day, take note of these wedding planning “To Do” tips so that your special day will be perfect (well close to perfect – we don’t want to add pressure to the mix).

It’s All About the Guests

Before you do anything, put together a ballpark list of the number of guests you’d like to invite before choosing a venue… Continue reading

Rustic wedding centerpieces

 Rustic wedding centerpieces are perfect for the gal that those loves the entire beauty which the countryside offers them. The color and the palette that is offered by Mother Nature is bride-to-be may also create foundation for country wedding. However, Colors like gold, sage, lavender, blue, rust as well as coffee are the colors that are mainly used in the country weddings. However, there are different ways of… Continue reading

Wedding band hire tips

wedding1There are many people who don’t know the significance of wedding bands and they will not hire them till the wedding time. It can be a dreadfully bad thing to perform as it is pretty tough to find professional wedding bands service for hire quickly. In the end, you must resolve for one wherein you are not pleased. The whole mood of the event can be spoil when the wedding… Continue reading