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Sound of Harmony wedding DJ’s

weddingdj Sound of Harmony wedding DJsAre you looking for the ultimate entertainment, perhaps you’re stuck between either live music such as wedding bands or you’re looking for Wedding DJ Services? Well let us introduce you to The sound of Harmony who are one of the best out there at the moment and offer dj services niagara region.  They have played at numerous weddings, functions and corporate events and have a great portfolio of… Continue reading

Wedding planning advice

So that big day is just around the corner and you’re starting to feel the pressure just a little bit. All we can say is don’t worry and try to relax as this is your special day after all and the more you stress about it the more difficult it will become in the planning aspects. One great tip we’ve learned over the years is you need to get as… Continue reading

Chinese Tea before your wedding can help detoxification and relaxation

tea1 Chinese Tea before your wedding can help detoxification and relaxationTea forms an integral component of Chinese culture. The ceremony which surrounds its preparation along with serving is captivating to witness. It is a highly auspicious ceremony which consummates a Chinese wedding.

The ceremony introduces a bride to the groom’s family and involves an intricate ritual saturated with symbolic meaning.   Click here to buy Chinese tea



Preparation of Tea

There are numerous varieties of tea in… Continue reading

What are the best bridesmaid dresses?

bridesmaid dresses What are the best bridesmaid dresses?If you plan to get the best dresses for a wedding then you should make sure that right efforts are taken to look at whether you would be able to get the perfect quality one for you. It is important to ensure that you make the right research that would help you to get it online for you. It is only when you get the perfect and genuine online store… Continue reading

Find the best lace and wedding dresses online

logo1 Find the best lace and wedding dresses onlineFashionable wedding dresses with lace have become extremely famous in the market because they look delicate and elegant while lending an idealistic air to the brides. If talking about the lace then it is a kind of special touch that you want in your dress to make your day special.

In case you are making a plan to buy lace wedding dresses, confirm to select a style that is… Continue reading